Our philosophy

Let us take care of our health through the Thai Yoga massage! Health begins with “HARA” or the stomach!

To do the traditional Thai massage is a physical art wherein the breathing techniques of yoga and the movements of martial arts are merged.
During the training practices, a calm and peaceful mind is essential. Therefore, to maintain a peaceful mind, we focus on conscious breathing from the abdomen by training the tanden—“the area below the naval where one’s health and courage are believed to increase when it is strengthened” as quoted by the Kojien Japanese Dictionary.
First, focus your awareness on your breathing.
Breathing is the first phase of living.
If we stop breathing, we simply drift into the world of death.
It is essential to feel how precious it is to breathe.
The second step is to sense how the respiratory system works while feeling your own body through yoga and breathing techniques. The third step is to grasp the state of your mind from the state of your body, and to develop both the body and mind through clear understanding.
It is our hope that the Thai Yoga massage will help widen the path to good health.
Kaori Endo, the Founder, continues to study Thai Yoga massage in the belief that it is the best natural treatment and alternative therapy.
At ATM, it is our pleasure to see our students enjoy the path to self-knowledge through the Thai Yoga massage.