Our course

We offer four courses: Trial, Basic, Advanced, and Instructor.

The Trial Course

The Trial Course is recommended for those who want to get an idea as to what we do.
Please visit us while you are in Japan, touring the hot spots between Tokyo and Kyoto, such as Mt Fuji, Hakone, and Izu.

The Basic Course

The Basic Course with breathing techniques, Thai yoga (Rusie Dutton), and meditation is recommended for beginners. The structure of the Basic Course is mainly based on the procedural guidelines for the Bangkok Wat Po Traditional Medical School.
Those who have received the certificate of completion for this course may proceed to the Advanced Course.

The Advanced Course

The Advanced Course focuses on the Northern Thailand style massage particularly designed by the books written by Asokananda of the Sunshine Network.
Those who have received the certificate of completion for this course approved by five well-selected Sunshine Network instructors belonging to ATM may proceed to the Instructor Course. They may also attend a One-day Brush-up Session.

The Instructor Course

In the Instructor Course, those who have completed all the courses and requirements may be endorsed by the School to succeed our style as Master Instructors.

Other features

• Onsen (Hot spring) stay program

Accommodation fee is not included in the course fee.
Accommodation information is available upon request. (2,500yen per night~)

• Macrobiotic/organic lunch

Upon request, you can order lunch prepared by specialists at an extra cost.
Macrobiotic or organic lunches will be provided depending on the season.

• Availability of in-house training service
• Small class size
• Instructions tailored to individual skills as well as to the physiques of the trainer and trainee
• Certificate of completion for each course
• Practitioner certificate and its renewal (valid for one year)


The Trial Course
The Basic Course
The Advanced Course
The Instructor Course